Thursday, February 6, 2014

Movie Reviews: You're Next & We Are What We Are

I don't know maybe I have seen to many movies like this  it first reminded me of "Straw Dogs" with Dustin Hoffman and then "The Strangers" this was very dry indeed in comparison to that of Dustin Hoffman's terrifying film, so good they ruined it with a remake.
The woman in the picture above is the only saving grace for this film, but even her strong performance cannot save this --it tries to be clever and does not frighten at all, not many so-called horror films do any longer.
The story is the family is having a get together for their parents are celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary and there are some that are there with good intentions-others not so much, see masked individual in mask in picture above.
This could have been so much better but this got predicable and boring in the end.

In what some might find as boring as I did the first film, this has a great story to tell and does a fantastic job doing so. 
The Parkers are a religious family and we follow them over the course of a few days and they are also a scary family-the children doing their fathers bidding at his demented mind gets more and more dark after the sudden death of his wife.
They are not your typical christian household they are a hungry family that has been basically starving themselves for the feast.
The feast is that slab of meat lying on the table in front of the young women above.
Yes it is about canibalism but how can I tell you that it is not either as anything gruesome that happens does not happen until the final moments of the film.

The end of the film is quite easily one of the most shocking ends to a film I have seen in years, it totally comes out of left field and there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for it either, but what a film.
Also to note that this is not a film like Texas Chainsaw or anything like that -this is a film where you know there is something evil happening but unsure where that evil actually lurks and by films end that is clear but what happens next is not.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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