Friday, March 28, 2014

CD Review: Dead, White & Blue-Mary Jane(Released August 2013)Head First Entertainment

Having a lot to catch up on and also review current music this was never my intent of having so much music to catch up on but sometimes things get away on you, nothing intentential at all.
So the write-up on the band states that this album was 12 years in the making where it was never released prior to last year and not even mastered , this has aged well like a fine wine-some great Rock tunes throughout this album the label sent me this and 6 other bands in the mail last year, quite honestly this is the kind of Rock music I grew up on , no B.S. music and does not apologize either.
This is the kind of music that makes me feel alive and good, for me this beats anything that is played on Top 40 radio always has always will.

Another part of the bio states that the lead singer of the band Russell Workman got 6 years for a minor drug charge he reflects that "Prison only made me focus on what I was going to do when I got out" "The most important aspect(even more than getting laid) was getting this album released" , I for one am glad he got released.
Free of any demons in 2012 he reached out to longtime friends Mykel Sane(The Baby's & Faster Pussycat), Harry McCaleb & Rich Contadino to complete the new line up.

Having an edge that most heavy rock doesn't have when recorded this is raw material -that's the great thing of an artist having full control of their work as Mr. Workman also produced this album so he got the sound he wanted, that makes it all the better instead of someone else telling them what sounds good and what doesn't.
"Let The Dead" is a perfect example of that rawness that really brings everything up a notch and  a great bass riff midway through the song. Also for me being a drummer  just loving the groove in this song throughout the timing and the precision that only a REAL drummer can feel none of this electronic S%@t.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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