Friday, March 21, 2014

CD Review: Riotgod- Driven Rise (Released March 18th, 2014)Metalville Records

This is only the third month we are in but for me I might have easily heard my favorite album of the year, I am not kidding folks this album is masterful and cannot easily explain what it is that makes it so.

A band can generate so many fans by the strength of an album, I wish them millions of fans this is some absolute fantastic music, I cannot even start to fathom the incredible talent flowing through these men's veins and minds there is something magical happening here with this band.

If you mix stoner, bluesy rock and some 60's elements into it all that might slightly sum up what is happening musically there is not a dud on this album each song is an added addition to an amazing feat. An enjoyable musical adventure and a band that has the depth and talent to try different things in each song, this reviewer is on his fifth spin of this album today alone.

Bands Bio:

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Not concerning itself with categorizations or classifications or what everyone else is doing (or isn't doing) allows Riotgod to dedicate themselves to the tasks at hand – their songs and their music, which are their cornerstone. Once fans hear the first note, beat or riff of a Riotgod song, that's all they need. They're hooked.

 The album's title track was penned in the days after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on their native state. But it's not just about the negative effects of the storm. Offering some insight, Pantella said, "The song comes forward with not only the obvious possible interpretations. It stems from that moment when stagnation or depression is left behind and action is demanded along with unyielding optimism."

I cannot express how much I like this album , this is day #2 doing the finishing touches on this album as was having issues with blogger the past few hours, I have since played the album twice today and am not tiring of it one bit.

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