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CD Review: Scythia--Of Conquest(Released Feb 25, 2014)Adreneline PR

Those stars above take a lot more work than you would think as the amount of music that comes across my desk there is not enough time to review it all, now would I want, in a sense I weed through what I think is some of the better as not all music that crosses my desk is going to resinate with me either.
There is a great more than meets the eye with this band , sadly people will mostly judge just by the look of the band , as the old saying never judge a book by it's cover.
There is a great amount of great songs amongst this album, my personal favorite song is "Land of Scythia" the first opening part of the song sounds like something from The Lord of the Rings has a great melody and the vocals are fantastic.
This does not take away from anything else that is on this album as all around there is song after song that I have enjoyed and have been listening to it for sometime now, the release date escaped me.

This picture is just a group photo with their 2nd guitarist , they even said so on their FB page.

"And now we welcome our newest member - Ireheart Bergin on 2nd guitars!"
That is some of the harsh world of the musician , I am sure he is fine folks.

Since 2008, Canadian progressive metallers SCYTHIA have been performing their own blend of epic progressive metal with a twist of folklore. SCYTHIA’s album, tracks, and performances feature rich, poetic storytelling, and an epic tale that captures the imagination of all who are privy to its lyrical melody. Because of this, and touring like a cavalry of nomads, they have taken the independent scene by storm as they gather more and more fans both domestically and internationally.

SCYTHIAhave received many accolades and awards as of late! They were nominated for the Best Metal Group/Duo for Canada’s Sirius XM Indies - Independent Music Awards, amongst other reputable Canadian metal bands. Other nominees included Bison B.C, Derelict, Devin Townsend Project and Mares Of Thrace.

"Receiving the nomination shows that Canada takes us seriously as a strong presence in the scene. Given the reputation and career of these other bands, it goes to show that our hard work focused in a few intense years has brought us quite far. Regardless, now is not a time to rest on our laurels, but instead to refine our craft and continue to expand our circle of influence into international venues,"adds Khan.

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