Friday, March 7, 2014

Epic Pictures Review: Sword of the Assassin(Blood Letter)(Released February 25, 2014)Vietnamese with English Subtitles

Above are two different posters but are for the same film it was actually released in Vietnam in 2012 as Blood Letter and here in North America as Sword of the Assassin this past month.
The film arrived on my door step the day before release date, just watched it tonight.

There are films and then there are films that make you experience things a whole different way, this is one of those films.
The story is strong and the action scenes are fantastic this film is easily one of my favorites of the  year for sure.
The cinematography is spectacular and breathtaking in a good amount of the fight scenes , they are reminisent of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the cinematography is cinematic as House of 1, 000 Daggers.
Story synopsis:
A martial arts warrior joins forces with a beautiful sword-wielding female martial artist as they seek revenge against a powerful royal family.

There is a great amount of sword play and martial arts in this film by both men and women and some aerial moves that are clearly on wire, however in the scope of the film it works wonders like the man jumping out of the water below.
The way the camera is positioned and the scope of the director, actors and the entire crew makes for a wonderful movie experience.
I really was amazed at the scope of the film and the hidden message in believing in the the power of self and the strength in family. The actors do a fabulous job of their work and the few comedic moments in the film are even more of a treat.

I cannot reccomend this film enough if you like this type of film then go out , rent it and enjoy it-- I sure did.
Bravo to the filmmakers.
I bow before them

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