Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little Shop of Movies: Homefront(Released March 11th, 2014)

I have always been an action fan and have often wondered why there are no awards for action films, no I am not joking.
After a bad bust as a D.E.A. officer he and his young daughter move to the country-we are told this is two years later.
Some things have a way of getting out of hand and in their new town there are some troublemakers and of course there would have to be for this to be a decent revenge film.
There is an altercation at the school where his daughter attends and  she takes care of a bully and the parents are miffed , they want her and her father charged things escolate and parents are fighting in front of their kids.
The local sheriff(Clancy Brown-Bad Boys(1985) wonders who he is throughout the film and kind of warns him to watch his back at the same time, this is not a dirty cop film either. There are trademark moments of the action genre but overall this is one of Jason Statham's better films of late in my opinion.
Gator(James Franco) is the local drug kingpin and he does not like others trying to cash in on his turf, so he deals with them the only way he knows how, intimidation.
There are some plot elements that I won't get into here as they will take sometime to explain, also they are the centre of our story, so if intrigued rent it and enjoy it like I did, one of the better action films in the past year for sure.

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Anthony Nadeau

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