Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Blue Jasmine(Available Now)

I have never been a fan of Woody Allen's films per say and I will not get into his personal life here in this review, or anywhere on this website. I review strictly the films here and not someones personal life. All that being said I was a fan of Crimes & Misdemeanors until now I thought that was his best film, yes even though I do not care for his work(really)I am a film lover regardless and this film is by far his best piece of work in my opinion.
This film is so greatly cast and the work is masterful even the performance from Andrew Dice Clay is good, yes folks because they had him cast as someone you would expect him to play and that's why it works.
The incredible performances by Cate Blanchett -yes she deserved that Oscar she got recently , also the always fantastic Sally Hawkins is in this(pictured above)easily one of my favorites for her performances are always fantastic as she was in "Happy Go-Lucky"
This story and performance mostly of Cate Blanchett reminds me very much of Geena Rowlands in John Cassavettes "A Woman Under the Influence" not because they are similar at all in terms of their roles but because they are both very troubled characters and the women that play them are very talented actresses.
Alec Baldwin has and always will be one of my favorite actors and he does not dissapoint here either and really shines in the role for him. If for no other reason than to watch the actors shine here in this film, that is reason enough to watch this film--there are some great performances here but that also has to be credited to the director, writer and editor as they weed out all the parts that don't really work.
It's the only art form that is a group effort, not many are successful on their own in film.

Blue Jasmine & Her Awards(click here)

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