Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Book Thief(Releases March 11th. 2014)

This beautifully told story of a piece of history is both thought provoking and also sad for the many people that lived in fear, we are in Germany February 1938 Hitler is their leader.
This is neither a tale of the man, nor the war-this is the story of Liesel and her rise from an illiterate child to later in life being a writer-you shall the see the change in her throughout this film.
There are some very touching parts in this film and there are just some great work from all the actors in this film, never is there a false moment , this is a part of a history that is not pleasant to view all the time.
The escape for Liesel and her Papa also for a young man named Max the books and the stories often take away they world that they live in, take them to a place they have not been before.
When Liesel gets her first book she and her Papa read it aloud to the finish and the book is "The Gravediggers Handbook".
Simply without stating a word the sheer amazement on her face when shown a secret room in a mansion is of quite a hard task to pull off , but the scene takes me back to those times when you first step into a bookstore and/or a library.
The title of the film does kind of give away what happens but it is merely for the love of her new love and that is reading these books that she has newly discovered.

Quite simply this film has an infinite love affair with books and there is quite simply a beautifully shot scene where Liesel takes a book from a sleeping Max and when she opens the book the pages glow in the darkness , such a wonderful scene.

The Narrator is also death as well, basically the grim reaper and that is quite a well done narration and eerie as well but nothing like from a horror film just a thought that is shared with us.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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