Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Oldboy(2013) A Spike Lee Film

There are two versions of this film the original comes from a country outside of North America a Korean film , that as many times before has copied from many cultures films and styles to try and make it their own, I have not(yet) seen the original film.
Joe Doucette(Josh Brolin-above) is a heavy drinking jerk that hits on a perspective clients wife while he(the client)excuses himself from the table they are at in a restaurant.
We then wake up with Joe and he is a what we think is a hotel room, he is naked and disoriented and soon realizes he is trapped in a singular room with no windows etc.

The interesting thing for this film is keeping the story moving along is tricky for we are with Joe the whole time-of course Joe has other ideas and tries to escape and escape he does.
Having watched some brilliantly filmed martial arts films, the scenes where Joe takes out a bunch(a whole bunch)of guys everything seems so stiff and rehearsed so poorly.
Spike Lee is not an action director he is a people director, but at the same time surprised that he accepted this film as director, this is so out of type for him and it shows.
Not a surprise that Samuel L. Jackson is in this film they have worked together in the past on a few films Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever just to name a few. Samuel is good in almost everything he is in.
There is a strong sense of claustrophobia in the film throughout , but even as big a fan of Spike Lee that I am I feel he was out of his element here -this is purely not his film.

The audience is left to it's own devices to really understand what is happening in this film and I found it pointless to try and really get into the whole idea of it-that is me in the picture above wondering WTF!!??

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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