Sunday, March 23, 2014

MTI Home Video Review: Playdate(Releases April 15th, 2014)

So here we have the new family move into the neighborhood and the one family located next to them are nosey and want to know who they are.
Upon their arrival the entire family is looking out of the front window at them. They eventually become friends and the two youngest children are at the same school and hang out quite often.
The parents split up days to drive the children to and from school, then things start to happen Olive starts to get pushed around and tormented by Billy(the new kid)he squeezes her hand in the car, almost pushes her down a flight of stairs.
 Emily & Brian the parents of Olive are your typical standard parents for this type of film there is nothing new here , or groundbreaking at all.
This is a made for TV movie and is getting it's release in April all the same it was made two years ago guess the release took sometime.
Overall this wasn't a bad film, it wasn't great either but enjoyed it for what it was, some TV fluff.

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Anthony Nadeau

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