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Press Release! SERIAL KILLER CULTURE FILM--Releases April 1st, 2014

Serial Killer Culture DVD 

Release Murderabilia Collectors and Artists
Interviewed About Serial Killers.
CHICAGO, IL – April 1, 2014
(Waterfront Productions) – Award winning filmmaker John Borowski tackles the controversial subject of murderabilia 
with the new release of Serial Killer Culture, his latest feature documentary film which examines the reasons why artists and
collectors are fascinated by serial killers. Through music, painting, filmmaking, writing, and collecting, thirteen individuals are interviewed about creating art and searching for murderous artifacts.

“Through making films on the lives of early American serial killers, I discovered there was a serial killer culture and I decided to document some of the people who are instrumental in the culture of true crime.” Says Borowski.
The artists and collectors influential to the serial killer culture featured in the film are: Joe Coleman- Collector and Artist, Macabre- Murder Metal Band, Rick Staton- Collector, Hart Fisher- Publisher of the Dahmer Comic Book, Joe Hiles- Founder of Serial Killer Central, The Dahmer Tours, Sam Hane- U.K. Artist,
Stephen Giannangello- Author and Criminal Investigator, Sparzanza- Swedish Metal Band, Matthew Aaron- Owner of the Last Dime Museum, John Borowski- Filmmaker, David Van Gough- Painter/Artist of the Man/Son series, and true
crime musicians The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers.
Serial Killer Culture marks the fourth feature documentary film for
producer/writer/director John Borowski. The internationally acclaimed filmmaker has achieved acclaim for his provocative documentaries on early American serial killers H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish, and Carl Panzram, which can be viewed on
DVD and via streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and itunes.

The film is slated for an initial April 1, 2014 release via the film website at and a wider release is forthcoming summer of 2014 by distributor Virgil Films. DVD extras include Borowski’s short film, Mime Time, and
film trailers.

Contact: John Borowski, Producer/filmmaker

I will have a review for this film as John sent me a link for the film.
Thank you for reading this 
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