Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Short Story Cinema- Short Films Review: Done In(Written & Directed By Adam Stephen Kelly)8 Minutes

The call out happened on Facebook whether there were people , sites, bloggers etc that might be interested in seeing his new film, the rest is obvious.

Some info on the parties involved  in the film:

Playing the lead role will be GUY HENRY, who can currently be seen in BAFTA-winning BBC One primetime television series HOLBY CITY. Other credits include HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWSV FOR VENDETTA, HBO'sROMEEXTRAS, and, for the older horror fans out there, the BBC's HOUSE OF HORROR presentation, where he played Dr. Terror.

Story Synopsis:
Poignant yet disturbing, a man writes a suicide note while reminiscing about his life, lost love and estranged family.

What can possibly be said in 8 minutes one might ask? For me there was more said in pure originality in the eight minutes of this film than I have had to endure through the entire 90+ minutes of "Frozen".
With only a voice over except for the final moments of it -the story is told through visuals that are all over the house where he lived with his lovely wife of many years, feeling the loss after her passing he then writes a letter to his family that he can no longer cope without her and wants to go meet her so they can be together again.
I am still picking my jaw up from the floor(not really)from the surprise twist at the end.
(Above Adam Stephen Kelly getting ready for the next shot.)

In what might be one of the best endings I have seen in a film short or full length what else might be said about the film would just spoil it for those that have not seen it yet.

Thank you for reading This
Anthony Nadeau

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