Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Asylum Movie Review: Airplane VS. Volcano(Releases March 28, 2014)

Anyone who knows me knows that I will watch almost anything -this type of film falls into my guilty pleasure viewing, why is that you ask? Well you know that are not required to do much thinking and some of the events that unfold are totally laughable but those that can appreciate it can laugh with it, not at it.
The dead giveaway here is our two lead actors Dean Cain(Louis & Clark)neither one of a great acting career ,but sad when Robin Givens(Head of the Class) is probably the best actor in the entire film.She plays a scientist that studies seismic activity in volcano's and is brought on board with the military with one of the most laughable part of the film, when she starts telling all the military what their strategy should be.

Also laughable in his role is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs(Welcome Back Kotter-"Freddy "Boom, Boom" Washinton)as the Air Marshall clearly out of his league here , maybe just a poorly written character?

The countless times we see the plane go by the camera I actually lost count myself , but the volcano's were fierce and not to be messed with. Dean Cain tries his best to fly the plane around them but there is alot to deal with here.
The fact is here that this film really does show more of a human element than what one might expect from a film of this nature , people generally care for each other in this time of need and there are some elements and scenes that totally are unexpected. There are no heroes in this film even though Dean Cain is known for playing Superman, this is of human compassion.
If you take the film for what it is and just some escapism then and possibly only then you might enjoy it.

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Anthony Nadeau

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