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2014 CCE Awards Nominees Announced‏ April 3rd, 2014--Awards To Happen June 5th, 2014

(Text below is just copied from an email I received this morning)

Toronto, ON (April 3, 2014) – The Canadian Cinema Editors (C.C.E.) announced today their nominations for the 4th Annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards, which were selected by a panel of fellow editors, directors and other skilled industry professionals.
The awards will be presented on Thursday, June 5, 2014, at The Castlefield Event Theatre in Toronto.

Nominees for the 2014 Canadian Cinema Editors Awards:

Best Editing in Feature Length

Jorge Weisz - “Empire of Dirt”
Matthew Hannam - “Enemy”
Jeanne Slater - “Evangeline”
Aaron Marshall - “The Colony”
Duff Smith - “The Husband”

Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series

Jamie Alain - “Flowers in the Attic”
Gordon Rempel, C.C.E. – “Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story”
Jamie Alain - “Delete, Night 1”
Gareth C. Scales, C.C.E. - “What Remains”
Ellen Fine - “Bunks”

Best Editing in Long Form Television Series – (1 hour drama, comedy, family program)

Stephen Lawrence, C.C.E. - “Orphan Black, Episode 103”
Teresa De Luca, C.C.E. - “19-2, Deer”
D. Gillian Truster - “Orphan Black, Unconscious Selection”
Mike Lee, C.C.E. - “Copper 2, A Morning Song”
Jamie Alain - “Continuum, Second Guess”

Best Editing in 1/2 hour Broadcast Short Form

Gordon Thorne, C.C.E. – “Degrassi, Ep 1337 Believe Pt 1”
Jason Irvine - “Degrassi, Ep 1240 The Time of My Life Pt 2”
Craig Webster, C.C.E. - “Satisfaction, Ep 106 First Contact”
Duncan Christie - “Satisfaction, Ep 107 Janet”
Jay Prychidny - “The Next Step, Ep 30 Winner Takes All”

Best Editing in Documentary

Roland Schlimme, Roderick Deogrades - “The Ghosts in Our Machine”
Mark Ratzlaff - “Blood Relative”
Anne Feldman, Jamie Cussen - “Amin Amir”
David Kazala - “Derby Crazy Love”
Jonathan Mathew - “Unclaimed”

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality

Jay Tipping - “Chopped Canada, Episode 2”
Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves - “Offbeat Roads Danakil Diaries, Ep 1 Is It Over Yet?”
Guy Georgeson, Mark Westberg - “Income Property, Ep 7105 Nicole & Michelle”
Katie Chipperfield, Neil Sitka - “Close Encounters, Ep 108 Nuclear Reaction”
Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves - “Jonathan Toews, Every Picture Tells a Story”

Best Editing in Animation

Jason Cohen, Simon Box - “Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion, Brainlius 3,4,5 / Diary Drama”
Pete Watson - “Napkin Man, Ep 108 Just Me in the Tree / Try-share-a-tops”
Paul Hunter - “The Nut Job”
Dan Lee, Jamie Ebata - “The Day My Butt Went Psycho, Episode 13”
Kurt Skyers, John Logan - “Sidekick, Episode 48”

Best Editing in Short film

Bryan Atkinson, Martin Edralin – “Hole”
Paul Day, C.C.E. – “Method”
Erin Deck - “Sunday Punch”
Kirby Jinnah - “Shamed”
Richard Mandin - “The Archivist”

Best Editing in Any Live Action Web Series (Comedy or Drama)

Michael Doherty, C.C.E. - “Darknet, Episode 101”
Jason Leaver - “Out With Dad, Dining In & Out”
Mike Donis - “Pete Winning and the Pirates, The Pursuit of the Pathfinder”
Ian Macleod - “Polaris, Episode 2”
Jon Anctil - “World War Geek, Ep 108 It’s All Fun and Games Part 2”

Lifetime Achievement Award & Student Merit Awards will be announced on May 1, 2014.

Tickets to the Awards will be available April 15, 2014 from our website:

The Canadian Cinema Editors (C.C.E.) is a non-profit organization with the goal of bettering the art and science of picture editing in all media. Through a better understanding of each other, and teaching others in our industry we hope to advance the profile of professional film editors. Our aim is to spark passion in us all and bring recognition to those who create the last draft of the script by weaving a mosaic of picture and sound in the cutting rooms across Canada.
 If you have questions about the 2014 C.C.E. Awards, please see our website for more information and updates:
Or contact: Canada Cinema Editors, Awards Committee co­chair Jason Irvine or Awards Committee co­chair Paul Whitehead
Thank you to the sponsors of the 4th Annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards:


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