Thursday, April 3, 2014

CD Review: One-World's Collide(Released April 1st)Pavement Entertainment

There is some great music coming from all sides and all the labels that I review, at last count the other day it is now 30+ labels. Pavement Entertainment is one of the newer ones but the publicist is Shauna O'Donnell that I have known for sometime from other sources.
There are so many bands that are recording just straight up Rock 'n' Roll and this is not knock your socks of Rock but enjoyable none the less.
The songs are standard rock formation  but that's what makes it enjoyable the familiarity of it.
The picture above is from their video for Folsom Prison Blues cover of the Johnny Cash song, see the video below.

The schedule for ONE's  upcoming U.S Tour is as follows:
04/05/2014, Wichita, KS, USA---Lizard Lounge

04/10/2014, Kansas City, MO, USA--The Scene

04/16/2014, Sacramento, CA, USA, Marylin's On K

04/17/2014, Benicia, CA, USA, The Rellik

04/18/2014, Benicia, CA, USA, The Rellik

04/19/2014, Boulder City, NV, USA, Boulder Dam Brewing Co.

04/25/2014, Laughlin, NV, USA, Blue Bike Fest

04/26/2014, Laughlin, NV, USA, Blue Bike Fest

04/30/2014, Commerce, TX, USA, The Rail

05/01/2014, Mansfield, TX, USA, Fat Daddy's

05/02/2014, San Angelo, TX, USA, DeadHorse

05/03/2014, Laredo, TX, USA, Average Joe's

05/08/2014, Dallas, TX, USA, RBC Club

05/09/2014, Houston, TX, USA, The Acadia

This band from Montreal has made quite the name for themselves November of last year they signed the deal with Pavement Entertainment and have been doing a good number of shows. 

Bands Bio:
ONE continues to remain inspired in an unforgiving business that can leave you faced with the kind of adversity most people would never have to confront. With 3 albums, 2 awards, 500+ shows, several videos, and a handful of member changes later, the band is still going strong.

This is yet another great album only being in the fourth month of the year I can only imagine what the rest of the year is going to be like musically, this is a better year for music than movies , I love  them both but so far the music has been better.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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