Friday, April 4, 2014

Closing In On 3 Years Of Blogging, Not Stopping Just Getting Stronger!

I have been very lucky over the past number of years doing this and instead of using the platform of my reviews to do the thanking instead I am going to make more posts like this, at least once a week or so.

I have no formal training in doing a blog a many number of years ago I was asked to join a friend at the time at his blog and then things just kind of happened and we parted ways.
Onward and forward I went and started this on the seat of my pants with trial and error made a number of mistakes along the way as we all do when learning something new.
I never for a second take what I get for granted and thank all the labels/studios that allow me to review for them when I am unable to review all their artists, I feel very lucky.
I am sent the music through a secure download link where I then listen and review the music, usually at the same time as the review(for music only).

The downloads also most of the time include an album cover, images of the artists and logos , for the labels I find them all on the web, there are also band bios included as well. The downloads are watermarked and can be traced back to the individual , so it really is a no brainer you share anything outside of what you are allowed you can/will be fined and cut off--then what? You lose all that trust that you had with the labels/publicists, was it worth it?

(Below is something I posted on my Facebook wall today)

So there is so much information on the web today about how bloggers can improve their blogs by doing something that attracts the masses I will have been doing my blog for almost 3 years now(May 2011 I started)I have 198 likes on my Facebookpage for it and have a great number of people that read it daily/weekly/monthly.
For me to gain more likes almost seems like selling your soul for it all, or writing fluff/garbage to attain that audience instead I have my own style/format which I alone do and in that time have 30+ music labels I review for and a few movie studios etc that I do reviews for as well as the Independent musicians/filmmakers that contact me to review as well.
I am happy what I have accomplished over the years it may not seem like much to others but I feel lucky to do it and would still do it if only one person read my posts.

(End of FB rant)

I am also lucky as many years checking back in my emails I found one from Yvonne Loveland from Voodoo Queen Management in May 2012 and have been either reviewing for them or with them since around that time.
I have been honored to be with VQM all this time they are a supportive group of people all busy doing their own things living their lives but have a secret group on FB where we can all support each other with things and have some great discussions etc.

I need/want to publicly thank all the labels/PR groups, mostly the publicists with the music labels and with the studios that work so hard to send out their bands/artists to me for review. I also thank all the countless artists or bands that have contacted me over the years for asking me to review their work-to have faith/trust in someone to review your work has to be very hard , once you have put it out there and it is for the whole world to see/hear has to be scary for the most part of what others will think.

That is why a good number of albums do not get reviewed on here now, for me the artist(s) have created their work they have written the songs, recorded them and put their soul into it, so who am I to trash what has possibly taken them years to finish and just shoot them down? There are a million websites doing this , what I do is nothing new or original-the only thing original here are my thoughts in difference of what others think.

I also was asked by a respected magazine out of L.A. to contribute to their magazine which was Cinema Editor, the magazine has been around since the 1950's and was honored to do so for two articles for them, not sure if I will have the honor of writing for them again but out of doing the two articles I have been fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people in doing those two articles Paul Day & Paul Winestock both founders of Canadian Cinema Editors based in Ontario, Canada.

I will never take for granted what I am able to do and once again thanks to all of you that make it possible and thanks to all my readers for you make it all worth it.

So onward I go with this and I may never stop sometimes I slow down to catch my breath with all this but never see an end as the music/movies never do.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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