Monday, April 7, 2014

Full Moon Features Review : PMS Cop From Wizard Studios, Streaming On Full Moon Streaming(Available Now)

It may be her time of the month but in all fairness she was bitchy far before the medication ever happened. This  film takes a woman's time of the month and really makes for a bad film.
When she and her partner are attacked by a clown that ties a woman up with balloon animals and tries to rape them , they are on the attack but in turn get attacked by him.
Mary finds her partner after he is attacked and she is grabbed from behind by the clown and she goes nuts and beats the clown up, badly.
Their captain fearing for their safety as a team moves them to day patrol, upon entering a convenience store there is a hold up.
The clerk goes to shoot the perpetrator and missing him hits Mary's  partner, killing him-this sends Mary over the deep end.

For the remainder of the film Mary goes on a killing frenzy with the help of a drug that is supposed to help her and her rage from PMS, but in fact a totally mind altering drug that also has a monitoring device built in with basically a tracking GPS and her body moods etc.

Overall this was just a bad time for all involved I have watched my share of good films and also low budget films, but this easily makes my list for one of the worst of the year.

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Anthony Nadeau

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