Sunday, April 20, 2014

Independent Film Reviews: The Lashman-Available Soon on DVD

Written , Screenplay, Produced & Directed by
Cameron McCasland.

When an independent writer , producer & director makes a better horror film than 90% of what Hollywood is sending out of their studios then one might think that the new versions of Roger Corman, John Carpenter, Charles Band and others are here,  this is that classic passion to tell a story but with little funds and doing almost everything yourself real do it yourself filmmaking I applaud all involved.
I feel producers of the older cinema will really appreciate the retro 80's feel that is relevant in this film and is truly a tribute to those filmmakers and producers of the 80's etc. Sean S. Cunningham(Friday the 13th) Wes Craven(Nightmare on Elm Street)as a lover of the horror genre I was tickled to see this being made also was honored to see this film being sent a link to watch.
The clearest tribute here is the local nut that is telling the kids at the gas station on their way to the campgrounds is the Lashman is going to get them similar to that of the old man in Friday the 13th.

The passion can clearly be seen by the date in the picture above as this took well over 3 years to finish and they just debuted it last night at the Full Moon Tatoo & Horror Festival.

This will probably not interest the majority of horror fans of today unless they are of the minority that can appreciate horror on a budget, no big special effects no big stars etc but you will find all involved passionate about what they do, not saying those in Hollywood aren't it is just the majority of what comes from todays studios is of the cookie cutter form and little to no originality at all.
My friend Thomas Berdinski scored the film as well and this adds to the retro feel of the film as well, seems eerily reminiscent of a John Carpenter(Hallowe'en)score. Enjoyable and yet helps set the scene for certain parts as well.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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