Friday, April 18, 2014

Independent Film Reviews: Serial Killer Culture(Available Now)

I am a fan of Music, Movies & Books and have quite the collection myself never would I have thought that there is a collector base for serial killers--the thought blew my mind the witnessing of such collections actually scared me to be honest.
Who am I to judge what a person keeps in their home/collections we have enough of that from big brother of our governments telling us what light bulbs to use etc.
But when it comes to the killer(s)benefiting from their "celebrity" of sorts like John Wayne Gacy's painting above from John Borowski's collection(the director of this film)I do have a problem with that.
The fascinating aspect of this documentary is that John allows us to just hear the person speaking instead of getting into too much detail that can easily lose your audience this is captivating stuff as much as they claim not to endorse the killers doings they know an awful lot about them almost as they are serial killer profilers for the FBI which I found almost as scary as the killers they speak of.
For me liking my music and movies etc they are an art form, so I wonder what can having a killers painting on your wall bring you any kind of enjoyment or peace in your life, knowing that they ended someones life and yet are able to go on with their life with some help from the outside world?
The only part of the film that I can state that I actually enjoyed is when they speak to David Van Gough(above)he has more of an outside vision looking in and has some deeper retrospect on the whole subject I just found what he had to say was less creepy and more informative on things.
This did take me two days to watch as the constant mention of what these killers did to their victims bothered me , John Wayne Gacy, Albert Fish , Charles Manson etc.

Speaking outside of what the film is about I do applaud John for making something out of the ordinary , not something flashy or cruel either he does not show many pictures etc, this is just something these people do and so be it I know for certain I would never want any of the artifacts that any of these people have in their homes in mine--at all.

It did the work well and also was respectful enough to not go into too much detail on some things except when we follow a small group in Milwaukee for the Dahmer tours , boggles my mind again even though I am a huge fan of horror movies and heavy metal -they are entertainment --but this is reliving what another human did to another human being that's creepier than any film.
Ed Gein had characters made after him Norman Bates(Psycho) & Leatherface(Texas Chainsaw Massacre)that much I do know and was surprised that this aspect was not covered here, but thats another film I guess.

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Anthony Nadeau

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