Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Dallas Buyers Club(Available Now)

A first here at Behind The Scenes I will have ratings for the films from here forward rating is 1-10.

What could possibly be said about this film that has not already been said?
The two actors in this film both won Awards for their performances, now here is where the applause should go-they are two of the bravest and boldest portrayals of two completely different men.
One is a drag queen/cross-dresser Raymond/Raymon(Jared Leto)who was fantastic as a drug addicted kind soul of a person.
The other is tough skirt chasing , cowboy boots wearing son of a gun Ron Woodruf(Mathew McConaughey)plays a homophobic man for the first bit of the film.He also lost 3 stones which is equivalent of 42 lbs for this role.

Early in the film we learn along with Mr Woodruff that he has HIV that of course leads into AIDS, the film is heavy at times not an easy film to watch-this is the real deal here folks there is no Hollywood sugar-coating at all there are sick people here and this is real life. Even though some things are surely dramatized for the effect of filmmaking this is still better than most of the films I have seen this year.
There are some scenes where there are gay slurs thrown out at Ron for those that are scared of finding that he has HIV--at the time/year(1985) very little was known that all anyone thought is that it was a gay disease.He is kicked out of where he lives and loses his job as well, such a cruel world.

The last number of films that Mr McConauhey has made this and "MUD" are fantastic films and are going to be added to my movie collection, for sure. I respect all the filmmakers on this movie it was done so well and compassionately as well for the dying, maybe not at first but they get there --so do their very human characters. This is not a film about a gay man or a straight man this is a film about some very strong people that are fighting a deadly disease, once we can all get over the fear and paranoia of what sex, drug etc these people have done and treat the people , our fellow man then this will be a better world.
The disease chooses who lives and dies, all we can do as a human race is make those who are sick a more comfortable time while they are still here, they are someone's brother, sister, aunt , uncle or mother or father --they deserve to be treated kindly.
This film really opens your eyes(it did mine)about the treatment of the sick in this world even though this is just a film--it has it's power and strong performances throughout and I pray that all of you out there that are reading this are happy and healthy, best wishes.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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