Saturday, April 5, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Grudge Match(Releases April 8th 2014)

So who says Rocky Balboa vs Jake Lamotta would not be a good fight even 30 years or better? Well I unlike alot of people that have reviewed this film found it great that these actors are not afraid to play their ages and they have been doing this business for sometime. For me the real treat here is not so much the final match but the chemistry in the film with all the actors Alan Arkin, Deniro, Stallone & Basinger , the annoying and usually over the top Kevin Hart(at least in this role).
Both fighters accepting the roles of being characterized in a new XBOX video game for a great price for retired fighters but they were to be filmed at seperate times and "Kid" cannot resist the temptation of pissing "Razor" off and he does they get into a fight right then and there, someone records it and posts it online and it goes viral.
Had this been two other actors I doubt this film would have been as enjoyable as it was I have always been a huge fan of Stallone , for me he has always been the underdog of Hollywood since day one he was always told he could not do it, be anything he wrote and starred in the first "Rocky" film and it went on to win Best Picture that year.
This film on the other hand will not win any awards , that being said for me this was one of the more enjoyable films of the year, just some good old fashioned fun, I also think had they marketed this film better it could have the staying power that "Grumpy Old Men" did for Walter Mattheau & Jack Lemmon it kind re-started their careers for the younger crowd anyways. These two actors still remain very busy with their careers.
Some of the pictures they use in the film are great as they have both played fighters in their films long ago Stallone with the 6 Rocky films and DeNiro with Raging Bull, for a good part of the film this works as they are both out of shape in the film and they have to be re-trained and though there are many Rocky training sessions that are very reminiscent of those films , but that's the fun here is that they both know they are old but want that last chance, don't we all?

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