Sunday, April 20, 2014

Press Release! Hilary Grist Announces New Album Jun 10th, 2014!!

This June will be great as Hilary Grist will have a NEW album out 
I am excited as it has been since 2010 since she has had any new music out.
Born in Maple Ridge and now living in Vancouver with her husband and enjoying life. I had the pleasure of seeing her live a few years back at The Act Theatre in Maple Ridge at Soundstage.

Here is what Hilary wrote on her Facebook page this past week.

I’m proud to announce the release date of my new album ~
‘Come & Go’ is June 10th, 2014!!!

I pulled these songs out of my heart. They came kicking and screaming. I keep feeling compelled to explore the beauty in broken, messy, joyful things, but this time there are more drums, much more drums. You know that place in-between, where you don’t know whether to cry or smile, but you might just be inclined to do both? That’s my favourite place.

I recorded this album with my darling husband/producer/drummer Mike Southworth. We got a little help from the amazing producer Howard Redekopp. Mike and I played pretty much all the instruments ourselves and then got a few of our friends in to add their amazing musical ingredients for which I am eternally grateful: Noah Walker (guitar), Matt Rogers (bass), Marcus Abramzik (bass), and Stefan Thordarson (violin).

Deep breath. Here we go!
Hilary xo

There are so many of her songs I enjoy I am going to share some here with you.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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