Friday, May 30, 2014

EP Review: Hollywood Heads-Cross Over(Available Now)Globmetal Promotions

Bands Bio:
The story originates somewhere in 2011. Hollywood Heads were formed by Dan Mark (drums) and Yeti (guitar). Than next two years there were difficulties with musicians. Different guitarists, vocalists & etc. In May of 2012 Gine King came to the band as a vocalist. At this moment band consist of three members Dan, Yeti and guitarist Tim (leave the band in the December of 2013). Band start to work with new material with new strength. But band were still looking for a bassist. They found him in the beginning of 2013. And then studio time began! As a result band released their first song, single “Blood city”. Song debuted in internet with success. After 5 months, at 28 February, guys released their EP. That contained three songs. Rockin’ “Hollywood heads”, groovy “Aerogrill” and heavy “Game”. At 3rd May guys prepare huge performance – presentation, where they will present their newest material and song from EP. It’s gonna be hot

Straight up rock n roll are ever present on this Ep with only 3 songs all it does is make the listener wanting more at least for me anyways as this is some good stuff and hope to hear more from this band sooner than later.

Here is a teaser of their song "Blood City"

The strongest song on the album is "Aerogrill" very catchy riff and guitars ever present in the sound and some Stephen Tyler monkey sounds in the vocals , brings the almost classic sounding song up a notch.

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Anthony Nadeau

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