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Short Story Cinema & CD Review: NightSatan & The Loops of Doom(Released May 9th, 2014)Svart Records/Solina/Twisted Films

The running length of this film is 29 minutes -for the record this is a moody film that is about Loops that are transmitted through what are basically headphones but they submit a sound that resonates in the persons ears and makes them repeatedly scream.I enjoyed the whole retro feel of the film and it's weird characters , this was fun.

The members of this band seem like dusted off Sci-Fi characters that are a strong force to be reckoned with and are a great tribute to Science Fiction films of the 80's, I enjoyed this more than some of  the feature films I have watched of late.

The story is quick and told well through the visuals there is a drag queen, cyborg, and other creatures that make you shake your head even the band members are odd, but that's what makes this film work.
I enjoyed the fact they went to the work to make a short film as an added bonus , bands will sometimes include performance videos/concerts with their Cd's but cannot recall a band making a film to go with it. Not for the kids this one.

The soundtrack is just that but of course with extended versions of the songs as being only a 29 minute film the songs were short.
For me this is similar to that of listening to Tangerine Dream as the music is as moody as the film , I enjoyed listening to it but it works better with the film.

Bands Bio:
The synth trio Nightsatan hail from the doomy city of Turku, Finland, and they place themselves in the post-apocalyptic laser metal genre. In the beginning, the synth warrior Wolf Rami envisioned the band's music as "the soundtrack to Miami Vice meets heavy metal." During their career, the band's sound has extended to both ends of that spectrum, and the synth-metal riffs of the early material have given way for a more progressive and atmospheric approach.

I enjoy the difference in the band:

INTRODUCING MAZATHOTH: Mazathoth is the synth wizard of Nightsatan. He is the brains of Nightsatan. Mazathoth's mind is connected to the nuclear radiation of the Karelian wastelands. His path is spiritual and scientific, his joys unearthly. Mazathoth weaves musical spells through electric rituals wielding the Golden Staff of Wheels.

INTRODUCING INHALATOR II: Inhalator II is the drummer of Nightsatan. He is the heart of Nightsatan. Inhalator II unleashes his passionate heartbeats on his electric drumpads. He feels, but is not so keen on thinking. Inhalator II's skull is made of indestructible steel diamond. Armed with a crossbow he looks for someone to soothe him in the Karelian wastelands.

INTRODUCING WOLF-RAMI: Wolf- Rami is the synth warrior of Nightsatan. He is the muscles of Nightsatan. Wolf- Rami is a merciless brute with bitter soft spots. He wears a mask to hide his shame in the Karelian wastelands. Wolf- Rami drinks blood, plays the synth and throws circular blades with precision and intent to kill.

I also enjoyed this soundtrack maybe not as much as the film but definitely has that 80's feel for sure.

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