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Fundraiser For North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association August 23, 2014 At The Haney Public House, Maple Ridge BC

This event has been saved folks and we can all thank Yvan the owner of The Haney Public House here in town.
Also with this new date this has also allowed for more things including what looks to be a popular Silent Auction with all the items I currently have I also have some many items to pick up as well.

So below is the ad that the local paper has done for the event , this ad was done for free as a contribution to the fundraiser.
Also Jim Coulter Publisher of 
has donated 2 tickets for a round of golf for two at a golf course of 2 choices Pitt Meadows or Chilliwack

Credit also needs to be given to
Carly Moir as she designed the poster.

Carly Moir
Graphic Designer
Creative Services
Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News.

There are some other big things happening and want to give shout out's to the people and the places that are helping this event be a success.

Also just down the street from their store is 
Sure Copy and they have printed all the tickets for us for free as well.

Also just confirmed yesterday that Terry at G&G Music also in town here will be doing the sound for the event also for free!

Once the event is over there will also be a ad in the paper giving thanks to everyone involved in this and will also do a thank you on here as well.

This blog was created to bring focus to the arts , music and movies and other things. I have decided to do a fundraiser this being my first attempt at doing anything of this nature has me both excited and nervous. At the same time I have those feelings there has been such an overwhelming amount of support by those I have contacted in wanting to help in anyway that they can.
The idea came about when I was talking to a local fundraiser and event coordinator Tom Cameron who oversees with Lorraine Bates many functions/events here in Maple Ridge and they have been very helpful with this one.
The event last year was to help the people of Alberta after all their floods and Tom moved me into helping locally as he stated its hard to get local support when all the funds are going elsewhere so we talked and he suggested the Riding Association.

All the people that I have contacted are behind it in some way or another some people/bands cannot play without payment and I totally understand that as they are doing that for a living as well, but at the same time I am not making any money at this blog nor will I for the fundraiser for that is for the Association.

The nights event will have a Silent Auction and entertainment with music from The Rappists a local Maple Ridge rap band 
Band Bio:
A whole bunch of random dudes who drink together decided to combine our wasted time towards messing with beats. The result is The Rappists. Free candy for all, and free van rides too.

A bunch of random dudes from Maple Ridge, BC spreading free candy in the form of hoser hip-hop. Talking about random shit like alien invasions and shark porn. It's got bass on it. Spread this shit like mayonnaise - with a knife. We dance like we are retarded and most of the time quite hammered, so..... GET IN THE VAN!!
Chillin' at work, Mr.Morder and Mr. Winters has the most fantastic idea to start a rap group. It was only on sunday nights so they called it "Sunday Night Beats". As time progressed the quality of the music progressed as well, eventually they decided to figure out a "Rap Crew" name, That birthed The Rappists. On August 13th 2011 Demolishious Part 1 was released to the public, being the first part of many to come free demos. Currently The Rappists are working on Demolishious part 2 and production is started on their EP "Free Candy". 

We Fully Intend On Keepin` All You Up To Date,

The Rappists

Here is a video by them from their current album Free Candy

Also to appear that night are Vancouver's own Heavy Metal band 
My Own Chaos

Bands Bio:

MY OWN CHAOS is a Vancouver based metal band that mixes traditional metal with thrash and straight ahead Metal.Together they built a solid and immediate connection that laid the foundation for My Own Chaos.

MY OWN CHAOS` brand of heavy metal takes the listener through melodic, hardcore and outright angst with its many mood swings. The album takes you on a journey of self-revelations as it moves through a period of self-destructive behavior. Uniting a wide variety of influences from such bands as Pantera, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Jane’s Addiction, Faith No More and Static X the band carves a unique sound for themselves.The end result is sugar-coated strychnine.

After already accomplishing a few successful tours across Canada, MY OWN CHAOS is currently writing new material and will soon be hitting the studio to record their second album. There is hope... Maybe

Just confirmed today June 1st 
The Ruskin River Band has agreed to share their talents with us that evening as well.

Bands Bio:
Four dudes Rockin out

Sorry hope to have some more info and some music on the band soon!

Brad Curtis and The SOME x 6 Band just released their latest album called "The Devil's In My Pocket" (2013) " The Hoodoo Shake " (2012) continues receiving airplay in Australia , UK, USA, Croatia, New Zealand, Cyprus (Yes Cyprus), Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, The Canary Islands and of course Canada.

Brad and the band are currently playing around the Vancouver Lower Mainland area. Brad is also busy in the studio writing new tracks for the upcoming new CD release on September 7th 2013 !

In the early years the Brad and the band were influenced by artists such as The Doors, Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Robin Trower and BB King, but the biggest influence on early SOME x 6 was Stevie Ray Vaughn. 

If you like blues/rock with a great groove and great guitar this band is for you !
Remember to "Like" our page if you dig it ! ... 
pronounced ( sometimes six ) All SOME x 6 music, materials, and logo are the property and copyright of Brad Curtis
Band Interests
STAGE HISTORY : The SOME x 6 Band ( sometimes six ) has shared the stage with the following Bands just to name a few : The Powder Blues Band, Texas Flood, James Rodgers, Rhythm Street, Crimson Roots, City Of Envy, Black Bones, Sugar Blade, The Carolyn Stewart Band, Grand Theft Radio, The Yams, The British Columbians, The Ted McDonald band, David Gates and others.

The SOME x 6 Band truly plays music because they love to, and continue to play live throughout the lower mainland area.

I have some others on the list but maybe best to wait for confirmation of their involvement before I put them on the list 

The other things to happen that night are a Silent Auction and hoping to get some more bands to perform as well as a comedian and at this press time a yet unconfirmed Emcee for the evening.
I will update this post as more things happen to keep you all informed and now some information on the group that this event is for:


NFTRA converts dreams to reality for many kids and adults with disabilities. We are a charitable organization relying on donations from generous sponsors, and the donations of time given by our wonderful volunteers and clients.


North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA) is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides safe, professional therapeutic equine activities enriching the lives of physically, emotionally and developmentally challenged individuals through social, recreational and national competitive riding programs.

Company Overview:

North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA) provides professional therapeutic equine activities enriching the lives of physically, emotionally and developmentally challenged individuals through social, recreational and national competitive riding programs. We are a charitable organization relying on donations from generous sponsors, and the donations of time given by our wonderful volunteers and clients.

General Information

PO Box 31601
Meadowvale Shopping Centre
Pitt Meadows, BC
V3Y 2G7

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

If you or someone you know can either help in any way by volunteering at the event or you or someone you know is a musician that could lend their talents for an hour or so please do not hesitate to contact me.
Artists outside of the Lower Mainland if you want to support this event please mail anything you can be it CDs shirts whatever you can is greatly appreciated.

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