Monday, June 30, 2014

CD Review: Septicflesh -TITAN(Released June 24, 2014)Prosthetic Records-4 Part Video Series On The Making of "TITAN"

There are just some musicians that do it better than most this band brings an amazing piece of work to the world , I am not generally of fan of Death Metal  music I saw them play at The Rickshaw in 2012 and did appreciate what they did but then this album came across my desk, can we say Masterpiece?

The band is listed as Symphonic Death Metal and this is easily one of the best albums I have heard this year I have kept an open mind while listening to this album and so glad that I gave it the listen as I always do with any new music.
The amount of orchestrations in this album , choirs and the music the band is scoring as well is a fantastic combination-where some bands just will include the orchestra in the song and such but here the score is made separate from the bands music.

The video above is Part 1 of the Behind The Scenes of the recording of this new album and the work that went into it, the Orchestra from Prague is in it's 3rd session recording with Septicflesh.
Part 2 has a look at the drums what is I am all about and what a skill set that he has as a drummer I can totally respect what he is doing and am amazed at the off beats and timing they are not your average drums parts that's what makes this album so exciting.
Part 3 is the focus on the artwork of the album and even though she might not care for the music my sister would appreciate the look into the thought process of another artists artwork and what it all stems from as there is a great detail into all the pieces.

So with Part 4 we witness some more of the look of the making of the album also a better look into the orchestration that so helps move the album along so greatly. First there was Sgt Peppers for rock this may well be the Sgt Pepper of Death Metal-the blend is amazing of so many talents this is also not something that was created in a computer as so much of today's music is-this is the real deal, exciting stuff I think.
Below is one song that really helps brings that to a reality and the song is "Prototype"

I have asked to be on the guest list this coming Friday July 4th at The Rickshaw for this is something amazing that I want to see for my own eyes and ears them being able to pull off live and I am getting bigger goosebumps envisioning this album live.

Below is a performance clip from when they were last in Vancouver at the Rickshaw Theatre in 2012.

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Anthony Nadeau

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