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New Releases For June 3rd-6th ,2014-- Music From Kap Kap, On Top, & Deep In Hate

So starting this week I am going to list the music that I have been sent each week to better cover some of the music that I do.
So what I will do is have all the albums and the ones that I think are the best I will have reviews for:

All of the information on the bands unless a review has been written will be used from the label/PR group provided with info about the label etc.

(Clawhammer PR--Kaotoxin)
Deep in Hate
Chronicles of Oblivion 
Releases Jun 3rd, 2014
Chronicles of Oblivion is the third step in the history of France's Deathcore experts DEEP IN HATE. With a massive production and artwork by Above Chaos (Hellfest, Bethlehem, Nightfall), it features nine heavy yet melodic, intense yet song-focused tracks. While being less technically-oriented than their previous efforts, the band develops a more catchy approach to the genre, as already demonstrated on the debut “New Republic” live music video unleashed in support of the new album, recorded at the 2013 Sonisphere (feat. Iron Maiden, Behemoth, Korn).

With this brilliant new release DEEP IN HATE develops its own sound, with influences from bandslike WHITECHAPEL, DESPISED ICON, ABORTED, GOJIRA or DECAPITATED for example, and aims to conquer new territories and enlarge an already impressive following, touring as much as they can everywhere in support of this massive new album.

Drums by Nicolas Bastos (ex-ABORTED, Esprit du Clan)


1. Introduction
2. Genesis of void
3. The cattle procession
4. Altars of lies
5. New republic
6. The unheard prayers
7. The divide
8. Wingless gods* 
9. Beyond

*Features Guest vocals by Sven de Caluwé (ABORTED)

                                        On Top
                                   Top to Bottom
                                HPGD Productions
                              Release: 3 June 2014
                                 (Clawhammer PR)
Philadelphia’s hard-hitting power trio ON TOP back are back with a brand new EP entitled Top To Bottom, set for release June 3 on HPGD Productions.. This release marks the return of Jaron Gulino (MACH22) on lead vocals/bass guitar and Danny Piselli (FISTHAMMER) on drums, with skilled newcomer Brian Davis on lead guitar. Following up on their killer debut album Top Heavy, ON TOP have continued their style of rockin’ metal with edgy vocals, powering drums, dominating riffs and white hot leads. Top To Bottom raises the bar and showcases the band’s evolution, presenting their finest efforts to date. Top To Bottom was recorded at Tribe Sound Studios in West Chester, PA, engineered/mixed by Brian Davis and mastered by Chris “The Wizard” Collier (KXM, LYNCH MOB).

Track List:
1.      No Shame
2.      Cold and Blue
3.      Don’t Go
4.      Bad Love



     Kap Kap
    Flux of Solace
    Rapu Records
     Release: 6 June 2014
     (Svart Records)

Originality is almost impossible with the amount of music that is out there , that being said out of what is coming out lately in the radio friendly world this is some of the stuff that I would rather listen to.

Even their promo images like the one above and their album cover make them stand out a bit more is what they do original? maybe no but it makes one pay attention a little more.

Even their music video is not of your standard fare of a performance video nor does it really tell a story per say just some random shots and that for me makes it all that more enjoyable, something outside the box not always does it work but for this particular band it is a great combination.

Bands Bio:

Kap Kap will release its anticipated second full-lenght album called Flux Of Solace on the 6th of June 2014.
The new record is an eclectic collection of strong, atmospheric songs and tales.

The band themselves describe it as a kind of classic rock album that has everything for everyone, but still holds the recognizable Kap Kap -sound.

The songs reflect the feelings of a modern man in this world: wanderlust, rebellion of the individual and community, living on earth and on the other side. The album echoes the eternal,nevitable chain in our lives, the glory and the fall after.

Kap Kap is a five piece experimental rock band from Helsinki, Finland. They have released two acclaimed records before: 2008's Fullmooner EP and 2010's Holy Are You.

Flux Of Solace will be released as a vinyl and digital release via Helsinki based Rapu Records,and will be distributed by Playground Music in Scandinavia and the Baltic states,and by Svart Records in the rest of the world.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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