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New Releases: June 23 to 27th Rog & Pip, Into The Whale, Cemetary Lost, Allegaeon & Zgard

So here are the releases for this week I am trying to keep up but there are so many each week and seems to take me so long to get all the info together and the pictures/videos etc.
This week there are 2 brief reviews nothing major but some decent stuff this week.

Rog & Pip
Our Revolution 
Rise Above Relics 
24 June 2014

Band's Bio:
(2 paragraphs)
Guitarist Roger Lomas and Singer/Guitarist Pip Whitcher (AKA ROG & PIP) were members of Coventry freakbeat legends The Sorrows. Along with the other remaining members of the band they relocated to Italy in the late 60's due to huge popularity over there. Homesick, the pair returned back to the UK before the swinging decade was even over.

The pair continued writing material together, eventually becoming a partnership lasting well into the 70's. During this time they recorded a vast amount of material, mainly at the state of the art AIR studios. Fortunately, budding producer (and Grammy award winner) Lomas made sure he kept tapes of everything they recorded, the fruits of which can be heard here for the very first time!

Like a child going through their parents record collection and finding that one record that really speaks to them and really brings them back to the time in which the music was recorded , this is one of those albums.

Without having to dust the vinyl down this one came across my desk a while back , now being able to hear this band for the first time this is a treat for sure.

Orgies of Abomination (CD, LP) 
Hells Headbangers 
24 June 2014

One of HELLS HEADBANGERS latest unearthings from metal's dirtiest underground, CEMETERY LUST present their highly anticipated debut for the label, Orgies of Abomination. Following on from their cult debut Screams of the Violated, soon to be reissued by HELLS HEADBANGERS, Orgies of Abomination  sees these Portland sleaze-bangers perfecting their vile, violent craft. Fittingly titled, Orgies of Abomination is a veritable smorgasbord of lyrical depravity, ably backed up by filthy, feral thrash metal that equally nods to '80s German proto-black, San Francisco speed metal, and even South American proto-death, all done with devilish glee.

Dirges of Elysium
Listenble Records
Release: 24 June 2014
(Clawhammer PR)
Spawned in 1989, the last quarter century has seen Incantation through many triumphs and contributions to the death metal world. The band’s collection of demos, 7" EPs, compilations and nine full-length albums all stand as a testament to true underground death metal. Incantation’s cult-like status has seen them featured in numerous, as well as a movie and TV commercial. The early albums have been revered as classics, gaining "Hall of Fame" status by the press and other supporters.

Listenable Records 
24 June 2014
(Clawhammer PR)

AXEGRESSOR was formed in 2006 in Finland and have always been heavily influenced by early thrash metal aesthetics and classics like 'Bonded by Blood', 'Endless pain', 'Kill em all', 'Infernal Overkill' . All band members have been listening to such authentic thrash metal since their early teens (remember the times before internet or even cell phones?) and gained a lot of experience in other metal bands for 10-15 years.

In The Whale
Nate & Eric 
24 June 2014
(Clawhammer PR)

In the Whale is a high energy, two piece rock band hailing from Denver, CO. Members Nate Valdez (vocals and guitar) and Eric Riley (drums and backing vocals) have been making no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall rock songs since they formed the band in 2011.

Since then, the two have stayed busy exploring the seedier sides of Denver that ­inspires their music. In 2012 they released their first EP, ‘Cake’, and followed it up with the EP, ‘Eric’, in late fall 2013. In between releases the band has been featured in national commercials for Victory Motorcycles and have played with a stupid number of artists you'd happily phone home about.

Elements of the Infinite
Metal Blade Records
Release: 24 June 2014

With the album came the artwork with it as well , however was asked not to post the album art, why? I am unsure.

Bands Bio:
With change comes new ideas, and "Elements of The Infinite" is the culmination of a flurry of new ideas within Allegaeon. It is, in essence, an album with a chip on its shoulder, a point to prove, and a big step out of the shadows from its predecessor. With two new members, the band is in a very different place than they've ever been, and the music reflects that. Guitarist Greg Burgess adds: "It is material that stays true to where we've come from, while exploring some new territory. We've had the opportunity to do some things we've wanted to from the beginning, but haven't been able to until now. We're very proud of this record, hopefully it will live up to what our fans have come to expect from us."

After having spent some time in drummer-limbo, the band enlisted Brandon Park as their new permanent drummer in 2013. Additionally, the departure of Ryan Glisan led to the addition of guitarist Michael Stancel. The re-tooled Allegaeon line up is fresh, hungry, and ready to solidify the band's place within the elite, virtuoso-filled world of extreme technical death metal.

Blood Ceremony
Let it Come Down
Rise Above Records
Release: 24 June 2014

With only a two song ep this is better than most of what has come out this week in my opinion.

Who would think to incoporate a flute into a rock band sure it's been done before but when the flute is the solo?

Band's Bio:

Following the success of last years globally acclaimed third album, The Eldritch Dark, BLOOD CEREMONY are back with a brand new single. Released and recorded to coincide their forthcoming headline European tour in May, “Let it Come Down” further displays the uniqueness of this Toronto based band. Conviction and dedication to what they do is so evident here, whilst their songwriting is sounding more confident than ever. Backed with a cover version of Loving You, originally recorded by early 70s obscure Scottish proto-metal legends, Iron Claw, BLOOD CEREMONY are rapidly becoming legends themselves.

This limited edition vinyl comes in several different colors with a lyric insert.  This is a brand new recording with both tracks exclusive to this release.  The single will be released June 24th in North America on Rise Above Records.

Dead By Wednesday
Death Of The Rockstar EP
Ear One Productions
Release: 24 June 2014
(Adrenaline PR)

Death Of The Rockstaris the band’s fourth release, and represents the death of one chapter of the band's history due to the loss of long-time guitarist Ross Ragusa (who still does appear of Death Of The Rockstar), but is also the rebirth of a hardworking, independent metal band that has morphed into a “real” unstoppable international act.

Connecticut’s own DEAD BY WEDNESDAY is pleased to announce their upcoming US tour with fellow New England metallers SHADOWS FALL. The band will join the tour on June 20th in Chicopee, MA and will tour throughout the Midwest and Eastern U.S. before the tour comes to a close on July 6th in Binghamton, NY.

Svarga Music 
23 June 2014

Bands Bio:

For the past four years, one-man Ukrainian band ZGARD has been patiently developing an intensely personal vision of pagan-oriented black metal. Now, with the release of fourth album Contemplation, ZGARD mastermind Yaromisl has perfected his craft, showing a rawer yet no-less-grandiose side that vividly illustrates the Carpathian mysticism at the heart of that craft. Compared to its celebrated predecessors, 2012's Reclusion and 2013's Astral Glow, ZGARD here go for an atmosphere that's less cosmic and more organic, stirring both bloodlust and majesty within the listener as Yaromisl guides each of the seven tracks along an epic path. As always, the native folk touches are at the forefront but never threaten to overwhelm. As a title, then, Contemplation is more than fitting.

Release: 23 June 2014

Bands Bio:
At long last, isolationist black metal cult HRIZG makes its long-awaited return with Individualism. Ever aptly titled, Individualism sees this one-man band perfecting his iron-willed, iron-clad craft, contorting the otherworldly mysticism of ancient black metal to his own design. Compared to 2011's celebrated Anthems to Decrepitude, HRIZG'sIndividualism drives at both extremes - classic grimness vs. tense atonality - but arrives at a destination no less sepulchral and dynamic. Enter the realm of Individualism...

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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