Monday, July 21, 2014

CD Review: Dog Society- In The Shade(Released July 22, 2014)Working Brilliantly

What an absolute pleasure to have been given the honour of being sent the past album(s) by this band.
I was sent their previous release Emerge  and the DVD of their live recording of them in the studio The Sir Sessions recorded live at New York's Sir Studios easily one of my favourite bands in recent memory and below is a sample of all that has been sent to me from the great folks at Working Brilliantly for Dog Society.

I will avoid the cliche' of stating that this band gets better with each album , even though they do that is neither here or there they have just developed their sound to a better degree than the last album but that album also got a high rating from me as well.

Their energy and great tunes and vocals by Brian Schnaak every ounce of the music is a pleasure passed by this reviewers ears and even though this album just came out I am eagerly awaiting their next release and hope that someday soon they will tour Canada.

This is one of my favourite releases of the year from one of my Top Ten bands in recent memory.
With all the talent in this band it is unbelievable that they have not signed to a label again, this is far better than anything they tend to play on the radio these days , original music and the kind of band that makes others want to play music.

Below is a plug for the PR group that is Working Brilliantly as they do a lot for their artists by pushing them.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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