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Full Moon Features Movie Review: Tourist Trap(1979) Available Now on Blu-Ray!!

I can see where this film was inspired from there is a mix of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and others but then can see where this would have you thinking that this could have inspired something like "Wrong Turn", either way this is a film that has been sent to me along with a number of items that arrived at my doorstep from Full Moon.
I received the Blu-Rays of "Trancers" & "Tourist Trap" also a DVD of "Babes Behind Bars" also to add to the awesome group of things sent my way I got the first 3 issues of "Delirium" Magazine which looks wonderful, keep watching this space as there will be reviews of everything that is in the picture above.

Typically there is issues with the vehicle they are travelling in and then they walk around and find some local spots and the three young women go skinny dipping in the local water spot and are welcomed creepily by one of the local owners of a wax museum.
Chuck Connors plays the owner of the wax museum and he is quite the horrible actor to portray this man, even though this seems predictable in very many of the storylines we have to remember that this film came out many years before a good number of stalker films did like "Friday The 13th"(1980) & A Nightmare on Elm Street"(1983).
We have the scantly clad young women and then there is Molly that he is quite fond of.
Molly is the blonde on the right and is the heroine of the film -I do not think I am giving that away seeing as the film is so old.
I did enjoy this film for the most part some of the performances were good but one of my favourite horror films , not exactly but a good one to add to the collection none the less.
The other thing I will mention is in issue #1 of Delirium Magazine there is a great write up on the film by Dave Jay entitled "The Vault" and tells us that director Schmoeller had directed his short film "The Spider Will Kill You" it is the story of a blind man who lives in the attic of an abandoned theatre falls in love with a mannequin.

The film has Tanya Roberts of Charlie's Angels(1980-1981) & an also played a James Bond girl in "A View To A Kill(1985)

Back in 1979 the film got a PG rating which really hurt the film in the end as there was no nudity and as stated the killing was more implied than actually seen by the viewer. This as stated in the article would hurt box office sales and even two years later the film was merely a thought any more.
The film would later be released on DVD as a restricted film.
Now on Blu-Ray for the first time celebrating the films 35th year has been remastered in High-Definition.

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