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Little Shop of Movies Review: NOAH(2014)-Available Now

There is some epic storytelling here for the simple reason I will mention I am not going to get into the religious aspect or anything to do with whether this is factual at all-instead this is a review of the film itself. 
The grand scope of this film is great and some of the cinematography is breathtaking in some shots.
It may  be overlooked when it comes to the awards season for film.
Matthew Libatique is the man that will probably be getting some major nominations for sure.
Yes I know there are images here and elsewhere in the film that are only  backdrops however how the camera captures them is visually fantastic, yet at the same time does not take away from the actors at all. Russell Crowe since I first saw him in "The Sum of Us" (1994) he has always captured me with his performances and honestly blew me away in his performance(s) in "Les Miserables"(2013)

Where the film may start where young Noah loses his father and feels like the start to a modern superhero film , it takes a different turn and instead Noah as we find him later in life is being spoken to by "The Creator" in his dreams and he is asked to do a task and that is to build an ark big enough for every species of animal on the planet "All that creeps and crawls" he tells his family when the snakes arrive.
The film clocks in over two hours as many a film does but the story is strong and the actors do their jobs well, the effects are necessary as to get all these animals on one set would be impossible.

Enjoy some Behind The Scenes video below:

There is a part of the film where things got a little odd when Noah hears from The Creator and is told to rid of his family I have seen that played out in horror films that I watch this totally throws the film off balance and does not really work with the rest of the film, there is also a bribe of revenge of Ham(son)against his father Noah for something I will not share here.
The sets  are fantastic and help add to the depth of the film, but feel that the film would have been better had a half an hour been cut from the film.

I am not one to state if I know anything about Noah as a man or as a story but this film was enjoyable to watch.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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