Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Rio 2(Available Now)

Like a great many films these days there is a bigger desire for studios to just keep churning the cycle of film production alive even if the films they are making have very little soul itself.
Going on rarely what makes the first film and stretching that idea out until all the wrinkles and anything that made it original and somewhat different than most films falls flat on it's face about half way in.
Blu has a family now and there are the typical family scenes in this film where Dad is the buffoon and Mom is the strict one and the kids for the most part are trouble , at least at first.
The story changes and we are in The Amazon with Blu and family and of course there always has to be danger right around the corner , always.
There are some scenes that work but overall this is not even half what the first film at all-just a number 2 behind the original title does not really mean this is even as interesting or worth recommending at all. This has been done before in so many other stories and films as well, far better films than this one.

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Anthony Nadeau

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