Sunday, September 28, 2014

CD Review: PHILM-Fire From The Evening Sun(Available Now)Adrenaline PR

Just when you thought there was no good music left and starting to understand what Gene Simmons is talking about when he states Rock is Dead I can't help but wonder what the hell is he listening to--if he in fact believes what he says.
For he has to only be paying attention to the major labels that have all the recycled Rock of the past two generations the Nickleback's and bands that constantly stay the same.
Dave Lombardo(center) was the drummer for Slayer and being a drummer myself the man is a modern god on the drums his styling and amazing licks is a marvel to listen to whether it is with Slayer or with PHILM-I feel the creative aspect here gives him a better range and really let's people know his skill further than just thrash metal.Because sadly there is a stigma that metal performers know only one style of music-their own which could not be further from the truth.
From yet another known band is bassist Pancho Tomaseli from funk rockers WAR., not heard that band myself but can appreciate what  he does here. "Lady" has a great bass riff though out just some amazing work all around.

Gray Nestler from Civil Defence rounds out the trio with vocals and guitar with some other musical works in  the mix such as piano.

This is really such a musical treat to the ears "Corner Girl" has such a different sound with jazzy undertones and great melody.

Really branching out and really taking risks is what this band has done I applaud them in their efforts for they have clearly written something here from the heart of what they want to play musically and it is a breath of fresh air.
I cannot begin to explain what it feels like to listen to this music there is so much going on but this speaks to me more than any album has this year-so creative and genius -this is masterful stuff.
Even to compare the sounds to others would seem useless as this is something that is 100% raw and has energy not like anything I have heard this year don't get me wrong I have heard some incredible music this year but this has me every guitar note, bass line and stick hitting the drums, this is really amazing that these men can get together and make music this damn good.

This is absolute delight to listen to why you may ask is that this is so far from what anything that has come across my desk this year it amazes me that there is so much good music out there that radio never covers or doesn't have the balls to play-this is art at it's best the musicians playing their instruments with incredible force and talent to make a album that deserves to get some major attention just because Dave Lombardo is on it will get attention from the die-hard Slayer fans for sure and would be surprised if they do not like this, WOW!!

Thank you PHILM for the incredible album it is an honour to be able to review this and is the best album thus far for me for 2014!!

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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