Monday, September 22, 2014

Independent Film Reviews: A Bit Twisted

Editing is key to keep any kind of interest in a film it can either be overdone or not done enough, this film falls into the latter. I learned about the telling of a story through editing when I attended film school and took an editing course.
This is not about me but needed to stress where the information came from and having watched so many films in my life more than almost anyone that I know--I will watch any film and any genre.
I dare to compare this film to others but that might be stretching it a bit much here, I found the film average I have seen so many films from independent film makers from across North America and felt it best for those film makers should have their own section on here, and they do.
The humour is really dry and poorly acted for the majority of the film but because I have a real difficulty totally slamming someone's work the scene above is of the officers that come to investigate the killings that the two are doing and that makes for some of the better scenes in the film of the officers figuring out a plan and also confronting them at the end of the film certainly had some of the stronger scenes of the film.
I have  seen better I most certainly seen worse than this -not a favourite for me though.

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Anthony Nadeau

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