Friday, September 26, 2014

Independent Film Reviews:Pizza Shop The Movie(Available Now)

When I was asked by George O' Barts if I would be interested in seeing his film:
Pizza Shop: The Movie--honestly I jumped at the chance as pizza is a required food group in my house, almost weekly.
Just like the topping of your pizza when it is made and then delivered to your door, this film has a little bit for everyone.
If you like crude humour there is a slice for that, if you like practical jokes that go wrong, another slice. If you like nerds that are tired of being pushed around--that is slice #3.
That all being said that last scene was actually the first scene ever shot as explained by George O' Barts himself:

We launched Pizza Shop: The Movie on September 12, 2009.  When we first started, we only had our lead actor, Robert Bielfelt and no locations.  That first day of shooting, we shot at his house in his own bedroom for 12 hours.  The scene that we shot was the transformation scene where he argues with his reflection in the mirror.  We started the production, quite naive and under prepared.  We actually had to shut down production twice, once because of health issues with our makeup artist and the second time because we ran out of money..  When we had our final 53rd shoot on October 2, 2011, we had been in production for 2 years and 20 days.  During the course of this production we encountered every imaginable problem: cast problems, crew problems, location issues and of course the ever present budgetary concerns. We had only budgeted $10,000 for the film and it ended up costing $34,000 by the time we finished post production.   After multiple issues with post production and a couple of minor re-shoots, we finally had our premier on June 6, 2013.  I know this isn't some great piece of cinema that is going to change anyone's life, but I will always be proud of this film.  Yes, it's only a raunchy, gross-out comedy, but I took it from idea to the big screen, with the help of some of the greatest people in the world.  People that I wouldn't have met otherwise.  When I look up there on the big screen, that is what I see, what we were able to accomplish together and like I said, I will always be proud of that.
There are some scenes that will gross out some people but George also tells me he delivered pizzas for 22 years and had hoped that his film will not change my opinion of my favourite food.

The main story is that of Pete who is a "By the Books" kind of guy and all the others at work including his own boss find him annoying, well one night they all pull a prank on poor Pete--this is where the film gets interesting.
As explained by George this was the first scene shot where Pete talks to himself in a mirror, but is quite easily the best scene of the entire film. This scene alone shoots the entire film in a different direction that comes out of left field but ends up saving it from bodily humour and ball busting scenes(not laughter either)

The transformation of Pete is one to be applauded to Robert Biefelt as he is quite convincing in the latter part of the film, I think George should try a thriller next time around he has the style for it.

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Anthony Nadeau

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