Friday, September 12, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Captain America-Winter Soldier (Available Now)

Born in 1941 in the dreary time of World War 2 -Captain America is all that was good and honest of that time, does his values work in today's world? To some no they think he needs to adjust his thoughts to the modern world, something he does not want to do.

I was never a big reader of the captain myself but read enough of the comics that I know enough about him to get the story of the film.

Very early on we are entertained with some great fighting scenes and part of that is the excitement that UFC-retired fighter Georges St Pierre has a few minutes of glory in the film, even brief he is awesome to watch.
There are some great action scenes here even with all the CGI there is also some slick car chases and accidents as well.
The fights are just that, fights there is gun use as always in big productions such as this but kept the fact that Captain America uses his shield and fists only-much like Superman he does not kill.
Great scene above where he takes out all the men in an elevator.
The Winter Soldier(above) is a good villain , however his boss wants to --guess what?--take over the world(Yawn)The battle scenes with him are intense and fast -not something we have not seen before but there is a bit more edge with this one.

I am as are many people growing tired of all the Super Heroe films I have not really enjoyed many this year with Amazing Spiderman 2 being one of the worst films of this or any other year in my books.
This is set up clearly for a sequel and yet another big adventure with The Avengers 2 set to release 2015.

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Anthony Nadeau

      (Image below created by Art Reich -Little Shop of Movies)

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