Saturday, September 6, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Draft Day(Now Available)

This was a film that I reluctantly borrowed to watch for review from the store this week. I never have really cared for Football and all it's goings on. The thing that really sold me at all was Kevin Costner(The Untouchables, Field of Dreams) and then to realize that Ivan Reitman(Ghostbusters)has directed this film that deserves a lot more attention than it got on it's release date in the theatres, April is really a bad time of year for a film like this it serves audiences better in the fall for sure.
Here we meet Sonny Weaver(Costner)the General Manager of the Cleavland Browns , now this film is football orientated but is more about the behind the scenes of "Draft Day"and that aspect is generally hid from the public eye--so here they have some freedoms I guess you could say , but for this type of film-the editing is slick and keeps the interest of the eye if nothing else, I found it a compelling story as this is not about the star player doing the final second touchdown, the underdog score etc. Instead this is completely out of the trenches and into the fire, of business.Trading players like trading cards that is the aspect of what these people do in their field. This is the sport of business and this is done well.
Plays are analyzed but so is the Merritt of the players in which are possibly being drafted and the team we are with are the Cleavland Browns, there is tension for the players wanting to know what the might be picked at -that has an overall account of what they might make for the year also their signing bonus.
There are some really good performances all around this is not a film that is going to captivate everyone as this is more old school film making -there is no special effects etc or football scenes(very few)this is more for the fan that has knows the ins and outs of every play in the book , this had me captivated as I know little about football and even less about their draft process. If this is an accurate look at it all then I got schooled, but if not this is still good cinema in my books.
There is a great line spoke in the film where Jennifer Garners character says to Dennis Leary(above) "This is one of the most macho sports on the planet yet your biggest award is a piece of jewerly"?
Overall this is one of the better films I have seen this year, so those of you who wondered if I fairly review films this might answer that question.

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Anthony Nadeau

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