Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Godzilla(Available Now)

Pretty sad when the CGI infestation has riddled our cinema's and movie makers keep contributing to the dumbing down of it's audience. The saving grace and the only reason that this film got as many stars as it did was for it's actors that I have always admired.
Sally Hawkins(Happy Go Lucky & Blue Jasmine)is my first thank even though as in many major big budget films the female characters always take a back seat to the male leads.
Ken Wantabe(The Last Samurai)even though he does an awful amount of staring at things outside of frame does his best to help the film. Juliette Binoche(The English Patient), David Strathairn(Lincoln)Elizabeth Olsen(Martha, Marcy, May Marlene)also shines & Bryan Cranston(Breaking Bad)first time seeing him in anything.
 This is standard fare here folks nothing new , certainly nothing fresh-the actors do the best they can against all the backdrops and green screen.
The almost laughable shots where the actors stand still and the camera closes in on them , this happens more than we see of the creatures and of course it is always stormy and raining also dark for the actor in the suit for the creature has taken a back seat for the computer can get it done better.
By the time the monsters arrived on screen I was bored the build up is nothing new here either -these beasts all sound the same Jurassic Park, Pacific Rim & Godzilla all bear the same resemblance.
I wish the monsters had something different to identify them but with computers even as advanced as the technology is there is still some things that stay the same.
I honestly look forward to the other films that I borrowed from the store this week, to help wash this garbage from my mind.

Here is a light hearted look at the film:

The other two films borrowed:

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