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What Scares You? Horrorshow: The Amityville Horror(1979)-September 26, 2014 The Hollywood 3 Cinema

Greeting Ghouls,
This month I've decided to dust off one of the most famous haunted house tales ever told, The Amityville Horror!

Come Creep back to 1979 when morbid movie goers were invited into a gateway to hell with the supposed "true" story of Gorge & Cathy Lutz & their Eerie Experience with at Horrid Horrid house in an Atrocious little town known as Amityville. 

You see, What George and Cathy didn't know before moving into their dreary dream home, is that a mere 13 months before an young man by the name of Robert DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family in cold blood. Haunted by demons & plagued by voices, young Robert (better Known as "Butch") picked up his fathers rifle and systematically executed his mother, father, and 4 younger siblings in their sleep.

After only a few days in the haunted house George starts to suffer from dreadful dreams that seems to mirror the morbid mind of demented Defeo boy. Was the same evil forces at work on young Butch now possessing George, was something even more sinister afoot. Watch in horror as one of the most controversial "true events" terror tale unfolds this month at Horrorshow..... FOR GOD'S SAKE GET OUT!
                             (Intro written by Johnny Bones)

This month's Horrorshow is none other than "Amityville Horror" starring James Brolin & Margot Kidder & Rod Steiger

Academy Awards, USA 1980

Best Music, Original Score
Lalo Schifrin 

Golden Globes, USA 1980

Golden Globe
Best Original Score - Motion Picture
Lalo Schifrin 

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 1980

Saturn Award
Best Horror Film
Best Actress
Margot Kidder 
Information above & below from IMDB.

Opening Weekend
$7,843,467 (USA) (29 July 1979) (748 Screens)

$7,843,467 (USA) (29 July 1979)
$86,432,520 (USA)

Weekend Gross
$7,843,467 (USA) (29 July 1979) (748 Screens)

$35,000,000 (USA)

Filming Dates
August 1978

Copyright Holder
© Copyright by American International Pictures, Inc. MCMLXXIX (on print)

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