Friday, October 3, 2014

CD Review:Enchant - The Great Divide(Now Available)Inside Out Music

As one can imagine the music is as epic and grandiose as the cover , some real talent here this is the band's 8th studio album my first time hearing them might I say I am pleased to meet them.
The nice  thing about not hearing band's previous work they can be sole judged on their current work and that is what it is all about and I really enjoy their sound. 100% clean singing and very radio friendly music , however too progressive for modern radio, but that's ok.

I know that this album will be big for them as this is some fantastic music if you like music that challenges the senses and your own sense of rhythm , as songs like "Prognosticator" are musical marvels but do not keep your standard rock formation song , it has a mind of it's own--what a brilliant mind it does have.

The amount of great music that sadly is overlooked only because it is not played on the radio, but deserves that audience. This band has been away for 10 years and does not sound like they have not lost a step.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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