Friday, October 10, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Edge of Tomorrow(Available Now)

With so many films coming out in this year etc everyone wants their film to be the next best thing , well this is a decent film for does entertain and does make the viewer pay attention at the same time.
The special effects unlike many this year actually add to the overall feel of the film and are only used to help tell the story.The story if you are paying attention to detail also the surroundings as well help tell it as well.
If you think of the film very much like a video game you get unlimited times in which you can go back and try the level all over again to try and defeat the game.
The scenes are very well played out and the action scenes are done well I was pleasently surprised as I have not enjoyed the majority of Tom Cruise's films but here he is not #1 like he is in almost every film he makes, plus the man below adds to all of it.
We all have our favourite actors and Bill Paxton is easily one of my all-time favourites for many reasons he can and has played so many different parts always so good and convincing on everything he does. Bill brings a certain charm and steadiness that seems to be rapidly declining in today's actor.
Cruise on the other hand seems so stiff along side of Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton as they are actors and he is a Movie star, for me there is a clear difference between the two.
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this film and can put my dislike for an actor aside for the sake of the film and have done many times-for my love of film and movies are greater than just one actor.

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Anthony Nadeau

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