Friday, October 31, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Grace: The Possession(Available Now)

There are a great number of movies that focus on the possessed these days and of days of past as well, The Exorcist and The Entity are two from my younger years that always remind me.
This however is different style of showing the possession as after the brief intro to Grace we then start to see everything from her point of view. Not a lost/found footage film but a story from the lead characters viewpoint.
Grace is a good girl raised by her overly religious grandmother as her mother dies at childbirth -her father whom she has never met , Grace is a very secluded young woman, often felt as though they stole pointers from Stephen Kings character of Carrie.
The film works only because of the strong performances of all the actors in this film, the camera work is good although be it that the stereotypes of young people partying etc and Grace wanting to fit in goes to a party at a house and has some drinks that do not sit well with her.
The quick flips from Grace to possessed are quite effective and are done at the right time and not all the time as some films do these days.
Brad(above)shows an affection right away for Grace when he first sees her on the campus grounds but after the few drinks at the party she ends up in hospital and is brought back home by her grandmother -there things are happening more often and Grace continues to turn.
Things start to get darker and the transformation scene is a good one and works on all levels 

We are only given a quick glance into a mirror when the full possession takes place and then briefly at the end but overall this film works and was quite pleasantly surprised as this was clearly overlooked ,but the good ones usually are.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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