Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: See No Evil 2(Now Available)

When I had heard there was a sequel in the works to "See No Evil" a WWE produced film from 2006, I laughed but then quickly there was word that Jen & Sylvia Soska were going to direct it-then things got serious. Ever since I saw their first film "Dead Hooker In A Trunk" I could see the love and talent that they both have as directors-then "American Mary" which not only made die-hard fans sit up and take notice but WWE Films also was watching closely as well.

When I had heard the news I quickly found the image above in which they were holding promo shots for "American Mary" but this was huge for the Twisted Twins from North Vancouver as this is a major studio a release of their new film is from WWE Films & Lionsgate , now a major player in the world of film.

Being major horror fans themselves and watching films all the time they have a gift of telling a well crafted film even though this is a tale of a masked killer there is so much that is below the surface, also because they chose some strong actors to be in this film as well for those that do not know Danielle Harris she starred in two of the "Halloween" films #'s 4 & 5(1988 & 1989) she also starred in Rob Zombie's Halloween in 2007 as well.
This film works for so many reasons being a fan of horror myself since seeing Friday The 13th(1980)  watched that at home on VHS and having to sleep with the lights on after have seen a great number of horror films and of recent memory this is one of the stronger ones of late as far as sequels go.
There is a scene where Tamara(Katherine Isabelle) needs badly to see the killer Jacob Goodnight(Glen "Kane" Jacobs) and she flirts with the dead body that is in the morgue (above)
She and her boyfriend then proceed to have sex on the table next to him-we know what sex and horror films mean-right?
But the shock on Tamara's face when she looks over a few moments later and realize the killer's body is gone from the table, adds to the horror of the film and the believability of the character's also helps with everything working together to make some great horror.
Katherine Isabelle is also revered highly in the horror scene as well having played "Ginger" in "Ginger Snaps" trilogy as well as starring in the twins prior film "American Mary"

One of my favourite things in the film industry is the "Behind The Scenes" of any film-this is why my blog has the title for it.
The look behind of the film shows and tells a story that is not common in film. We learn that the twins always go around set and welcome and hug everyone prior to the shoot -this is not just the actors this could be the lighting guy-the P.A. or the craft personnel.
They also require laughing on the set as well-everyone loved working on the film.

This is the best horror film I have seen this year I have not seen them all but so this is the best.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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