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Little Shop of Movies Review: Venus In Fur(Available Now)

Not very often are we given a visual treat at the start of the film, also given a great introduction to the characters either.
Not only is the introduction to the characters is what also works we are slightly introduced to the theatre that they are at while rehearsing a play that had been doing auditions for the good part of the day but now Thomas(Mathieu Amalric)is wanting to go home and on his way out Vanda(Emmanuelle Seigner)enters and pleads to be able to read for the part having a bad day herself with having to take the bus half across the city -she breaks down when she is turned down.
Thomas intrigued by her allows her to stay for 3 chapters.
They hit it off and Thomas pleased by her skills allows her to stay and they both start to feel an attraction through the characters, or do they? Nothing is for sure here this is for a mature audience that can get the subtleties and applaud the work by these two fantastic actors. Roman Polanski received the Cannes Best Director Award for his work of this film and deservedly so as well. The director of such greats as Chinatown, Tess,  Rosemary's Baby & The Pianist to name just a few.
Where this film may have got in the hands of an American producer this would have turned out to be another sleaze fest and yet again has a strong female lead played by an incredibly gifted actress and shows the how some women or men can use their sexuality to control others around them. Very intriguing and well done I am hoping that this shows others for a film to work all you really need is good actors willing to give their all and work well with others,
The amount of sexuality that is on the screen could make some uncomfortable, but that sex is never present it is suggested only by the characters in which they play and are subjected to each others desires and expectations of what they want in life and in lust.
There are so many things that are hidden we are unsure whether the lust that Thomas feels for Vanda is for certain or if it is surely just what is in the play they are rehearsing.
I applaud all this is one of the best films I have seen this year it questions women's worth that was in the 1800's and quite easily this day and age.
Venus in Fur is a complete work of art and Roman Polanski has painted himself a masterpiece of a film, bravo at 80 years of age you still have it in you sir.
(L to R)Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric

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