Monday, November 24, 2014

CD Review :Cloudkicker LIVE With Intronaut(Available Nov 24 ,2014) Century Media Records

Instrumental Prog Metal bands are rare but these two powerhouses played together for a good number of shows this year and play they did.
One can totally appreciate what this band is doing musically, but if you are a fan of the vocal then these two bands are not for you, sorry.

They are just amazing to hear even by themselves -but together they are even more amazing. I am amazed at the rate of speed and the musical abilities these two bands have and together as one that is hard to pull off.
"We Are Going to Introvert" is an amazingly fast and busy song full of so many different time changes and great skills all around.
This is the first song on the album below -from the album -video:

As a drummer myself I listen in awe of some of the skills played here on this album, best of it all is it's live so I no there are no replays -this is all off the floor.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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