Monday, November 10, 2014

CD Review:Soen--Telleriun (Releases Nov 10, 2014)Atom Splitter PR/Freeman Promotions

Once again this has been an incredible year for music this is easily in my top 5 Best albums of the year!!
What an incredible piece of music from this band-what an absolute pleasure to hear this band even so good it is hard to figure what song I like the best  the album is that good.

Band's Bio:

When Swedish drummer Martin Lopez (ex-OPETH, AMON AMARTH) joined forces with metal bassist extraordinaire Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS, TESTAMENT, DEATH, ICED EARTH), vocalist Joel Ekelöf and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis in a brand new project called SOEN, it was obvious that this collaboration would not be just another name-dropping, substance-deprived “super project”.
Martin Lopez has described the band's music as "melodic, heavy, intricate and different." Even then, Lopez may be selling his band short. SOEN is, in a word, unique.
The foursome paint their musical canvas with broad strokes that on first listen may appear gray and sullen, but the true power of the music lies clandestine, just a little below the monochrome surface. More than just a sum of is rather esteemed parts, SOEN weave an intricate network of melodies and lull the listener submerged in a bliss of melancholy. Yes, at times Soen may resemble the Opeth of old, but it makes more of less, as it features none of the guttural vocals and full-on death metal wall of sound of Lopez' former group. But nothing more is needed when Ekelöf's somber voice, Platbarzdis's transcendent guitar work, Lopez's trademark drum beats and DiGiorgio's exquisite bass lines collaborate to build a pensive tide, just waiting to wash over you.
“Cognitive” sure isn't an instantaneously accessible album but with a bit of listener patience, it can prove to be one of the most rewarding pieces of “thinking man's metal” you will ever come across. In a world full of super-compressed albums waging the loudness war, “Cognitive” breathes with ease thanks to the masterful mixing work of David Bottrill (Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse etc.). Like rain on a windowpane; translucent and free of form, “Cognitive” breathes like a living entity.

The colors are there, lingering within the grays. It's just up to you to find them.

I love this band and feel lucky to have heard this album.

 The vocals on the album are so nice and clear and the great playing by all the members is an added bonus -this will be overlooked by many as too progressive and not heavy enough but great music is great music , regardless.

So in the next couple of weeks I will be compiling my Best of for the year and this album will most certainly be on it -just how high?

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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