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Concert Review: Huntress, Kreator & Arch Enemy at The Commodore Ballroom(Nov 6th, 2014)

This was a show I honestly humbled to attend as two of the publicists at two of the bigger labels made this possible to attend and get all I got to do as well as a friend Adam that has never attended a large concert. He has seen a few garage bands but that is it. So thanks again Nikki Law with Century Media Records for the 2 tickets and photo pass, but because I could not use the flash on my camera they all turned out hazy.
Jon Freeman with Napalm Records also allowed me the opportunity to meet and interview Jill Janus of Huntress, what an honour to be able to do that.So thanks to both of them for opportunities to do that!

Huntress started the show and having missed their first 2 times through Vancouver I was over excited to see them and they did not disappoint at all.
Easily one of my favourite bands of the past several years -they are tight and also they are just all around great people got to meet all but their drummer and after it all was over forgot to get pictures with the guys of the band but maybe next time around.
There set was short -too short for my liking anyway's but I was really there just to see them -the rest was the icing on the cake.
(The footage above was not something that I shot but someone else posted on You Tube)

Next was Kreator for me it was a first time seeing all of these bands it was a pleasure to see them all-Kreator certainly had the crowd at their fingertips and they put on a great show, however I felt they went on a bit long.
Arch Enemy was next and the picture above is something that they do after each show -this was at the end of the show at The Commodore -this band was amazingly tight , total pros and did not disappoint either.

                          (Again this is not video shot by me)

They were on fire musically very happy to attend the show.
Now because there was no flash allowed at the show as I had stated at the beginning of the review I was unable to get some clear shots but have a friend that is a professional photographer that has allowed and given me permission to share the link for his pictures of the night that he took for Abort Magazine out of Vancouver.
Thank you Derek Carr for the permission to do so!

Huntress/Kreator/Arch Enemy Photos Nov 6th Commodore Ballroom(Derek Carr -Visions in Pixels) Used with Permission  

P.S. Starkill was not a part of the Canadian Tour for those keeping track.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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