Tuesday, November 25, 2014

EP Review:Bog Oak- A Treatise on Resurrection and The Afterlife(Available Nov 28, 2014)Svart Records

The heavy riffs are present from the first opening notes of the first song and some great sounding stuff coming out of the speakers and some tightness that you just don't hear from newly formed bands these days.

Band's Bio:
"Bog Oak formed in October 2013 around the core of Phillip Gallagher and Matthew Woods Wilhoit, who both lived in the Sacramento area. They met when Gallagher answered an ad placed by Wilhoit looking for someone to jam with. The pair bonded over their mutual love of heavy metal, tube amplifiers, and occult philosophy, writing the songs 'A Shepard’s Teeth for a Winter’s Coat' and 'Dragger' during their first jam session with Gallagher on drums and Wilhoit on guitar.

"After recording these songs at Earth Tone Studios in Rocklin, California, with session bassist Robert Lander, the pair decided to shop their demo around and place an ad for a vocalist. Julie Seymour responded, and got the job after one audition: Gallagher and Wilhoit were impressed with her ability to switch back and forth between black metal screams and ethereal clean singing.

There is a good number of metal woman that are singing black metal these days -there are some that switch from clean singing to hardcore and can do it well Julie here makes that switch easily and does it very well.

"A Sea Without Shore" has some great riffs and bass line from the start and some haunting vocals as well, drum licks are also ones to listen in of you are a drummer.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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