Sunday, November 2, 2014

Full Moon Features Movie Review: Doctor Mordrid(1992) Re-Mastered In High Definition in Blu-Ray(Available Now)

As far as low budget Horror & Science Fiction goes there are few studios that can pull the tricks as well as Full Moon does.
One of the gems from their vaults comes the newly ReMastered edition of Doctor Mordrid(1992)with the ever enjoyable Jeffrey Combs(Re-Animator)
He is a sorcerer from another dimension and time in the tale of good versus evil he wants to protect earth but his friend of childhood days has better plans to rule the earth because of his power he believes he can be a god on earth.
Kabal(Brian Thompson-above) wants to unleash his own hell upon earth and release the demons to destroy mankind.
I was really pleased to watch this film again it has been many years since I have watched it and to say I enjoyed it is an understatement.
The B-movies of today are lacking this certain element that Full Moon had the finger on and it rocked, some of their recent stuff does not even compare to some of the greats they had back in the day but still a pleasure to watch them as well.
The final battle scene was done well for it's time remember this was 1992 here so the stop motion was very stiff but always more enjoyable than this current over the top C.G.I. in my opion.

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Anthony Nadeau

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