Sunday, November 16, 2014

Short Story Cinema: Fatal Pictures-Familiar(Available Now)

As sure as I sit here I tell you honestly there is something being overlooked and that is a short story, also a short film as well.
This has some of the best hidden undertones I have seen in film in sometime and that is no lie folks.
There is a quiet eerie silence throughout this film amongst the family members - our lead has thoughts in his head or are they just thoughts?
The way the film builds it's tension and his thinking of what is happening in his mind is brilliant there is not enough good that I can speak about this film.
The couple in the film become pregnant and some things happen that I will not share here for it is a pivotal point of the film and one would need to see the film for the scene above to work, out of context would not be fair to the film makers.

The film then switches gears from a thriller to a full on in your face horror film or a scene where his shoulder starts to bulge out reminded me for a minute of "How To Get Ahead in Advertising" where an advertising executive has a boil grow on his shoulder and then over the course of the feature film has another head appear.
This sort of thing happens slightly but then the lead character has a different way of dealing with his problem here.
The results are bloody but so well done everyone involved should be happy with their work in the film etc.
There were scenes that made this reviewer even squirm for the blood etc but this was such a well done film it was worth it.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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